Immersion in the wild world at Safari de Peaugres

One of the essentials of the Ardèche a quarter of an hour from Annonay. A change of scenery and a great thrill await you when exploring the 80 hectares of the zoological park. More than thousand animals are to be admired in this largest animal park in Auvergne Rhône Alpes. Both children and adults will leave with dreams of adventures head full.

What is the Peaugres Safari?

It is an animal park which has the particularity of offering a route by car and a route on foot as close as possible to the natural environment of the species. More than a zoo, the Safari of Peaugres is a place of awareness of the living world. It encourages visitors to observe, understand, be enthusiastic, marvel...

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What animals are present at the Peaugres Safari?

De many animals are to be observed: primates, carnivores, herbivores, birds, reptiles, insects… Animals known to all such as the lions, cheetahs, bears, giraffes, Elephants, sea lions, zebras… but also the most unusual such as the six-banded armadillo, bush pigs, bush dogs, wild dogs or the zebra mongooses…

Immersion enclosures to be closer to the animals

Another particularity of the Safari de Peaugres is to offer immersion enclosures to be closer to the animals. You will be able to discover, on tiptoe, the intimacy of maki-cattas, parrots, wallabies, alpacas, maras... But also caress the very affectionate goats of Léonie's farm! In these immersion enclosures, where everyone evolves with respect for animals, the animals have never been so close!

Emilie Verdier

Visit the Peaugres Safari in VIP mode

The Safari de Peaugres offers several visits to become a privileged visitor of the park and live new adventures and unforgettable!

Some examples of VIP visits:

Wild Lights Festival

Every year, from November to March, you can discover the Wild Lights Festival at the Peaugres Safari. 

After your day at the park, wait for nightfall and live an extraordinary experience through a luminous path made up of more than 500 sculptures in the shape of animals and plants.

Sculptures made entirely by hand according to an ancestral Chinese tradition, will illuminate the walkways of the Safari de Peaugres walking park and will make you live a new magical and colorful adventure. Discover giant insects, exotic birds, large mammals and many other sculptures.

On a nocturnal musical background, let yourself be guided by these luminous lanterns inviting you on a dreamlike and enchanting journey through the alleys of the zoo.


Benoit Collaudin