Delusions of grandeur or childhood dream

Take flight whena hot air balloon flight in Annonay. Enjoy a Baptism air. Get ready to take off to realize an unforgettable experience, within reach of the sky and less than 1 hour from Lyon, Saint-Etienne and Valence. A magical moment to enjoyan incredible panorama of the landscapes green and hilly around Annonay, the town which saw the birth of'invention of the hot air balloon !

Portrait of a pilot who flies a hot air balloon in Annonay

Jean-Philippe Odouard

Jean-Philippe Odouard

Co-manager and pilot of Hot air balloons & co.

Freedom, sharing and humanity is what is important!
We fly over 1200 people a year and every flight is different.

Tell us about your profession-passion…

I was born in Annonay, and as a kid I only dreamed
What a hot air balloon! I left for the fields to find the pilots who embarked me with them. It was magical. Making my passion my job has never tired me, far from it. With Grégory Béjat, who fell into it when he was little, we created Montgolfières & Cie in 2010 and we offer hot air balloon flights. During 1h or 1h30 of flight we take the time to discuss and people always leave with the banana. The team is united and the atmosphere is good!

The earth seen from the sky, what does it look like?

Here, I like the diversity of the landscapes, there are several floors, with the changing vegetation and all the mountain ranges that can be seen at different distances, which allows for exciting flights.

Where is your ball made?

In Annonay at Ballon Chaize. We are lucky to have the only French balloon factory with highly qualified personnel.

How does a flight with Montgolfières & Cie work?

We make a weather point to check the conditions. If the lights are green, the meeting is fixed around 5:30 am (in summer). After a welcome coffee, croissant and a security point, we can fly away and watch the sunrise.

And for the landing?

He actually decides in the last 15 minutes. Over time, we begin to know the meadows and accessible areas.

You who was ranked 5th French pilot in 2012, can you explain to us what a hot air balloon championship consists of?

The championships are precision tests, you have to analyze the winds, the reliefs and land at a given point, basically we are asked to direct something that is not airship!

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