Christmas atmosphere on every street corner

Annonay and the surrounding villages are adorned with their most beautiful Christmas colors to help you find the ideal gift to slip under the tree. So, take out your best coat and your hats: we’re going into Christmas market mode!

Christmas markets around Annonay

Find it Now the perfect piece of jewelry for the great aunt, a good bottle for the son-in-law or gourmet teas for the grandmother... It's done at the Christmas markets around Annonay. You can also enjoy the activities around the market: Santa Claus village, raffle, musical atmosphere... It almost feels like New Year's Eve!

Christmas markets

Winters in Annonay

You will have understood, there is no Christmas market in Annonay. But there are plenty of activities to discover!

The full program

The festivities around Christmas

Because the Christmas atmosphere doesn't stop at the markets: you can also attend a concert or take part in workshops!

A handmade gift

Those who like gifts that stand out will open the door to the artists' and craftsmen's workshops in and around Annonay.

Especially for the end of year celebrations, a pop-up store of creators opened its doors on rue Montgolfier. Several designers have come together to bring together a multitude of gift ideas!

Christmas markets

New Years Eve

To pass a happy new year evening, you have to plan in advance. Festive atmosphere and party favors, prepare your best evening outfit for the first minutes of the year...

And those who welcome friends or family will opt for group accommodation to spend a dream evening in Ardèche.

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Wild Lights | From November 4 to March 30
Tourist Office Ardèche Grand Air

Gift vouchers

For Christmas, tourist sites are offering gift vouchers: Safari of Peaugres, Hot air balloon & co. and many others !

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For city lovers

Christmas markets

One-day tourists or long-term residents will fall under the spell of this poster created by a local artist: Carine Kollhof and on sale at the Tourist Office shop.

It also exists as a postcard or magnet.