This way, good addresses and local flavors!

If you are looking for good Ardèche products to slip into your suitcase after your holidays, we have something to delight you: local products, delicacies or essential AOP wines!

Côtes du Rhône vineyards

Facing the sun, overlooking the Rhône, the vines unfold on the Ardèche hillsides.

Benefiting from a mild and sunny climate, the northern Ardèche is conducive to wine-growing. Located in the northern part of the Côtes du Rhône, discover of the three names which made him famous.

Saint Joseph

The appellation is best known for red wines made from the Syrah grape variety, whose peppery and spicy aromas seduce lovers of gourmet wines.

The white wine blended Roussanne and Marsanne, however, has what it takes to defend itself with its notes of acacia and honey. 


It is a golden and aromatic white wine thanks to the unique Viognier grape variety. It evokes notes of mango, apricot and almond. 

Cote Rotie 

The appellation takes its name from the hillsides on which its vines are planted, sometimes inclined at more than 60 degrees! Blend of Syrah and Viognier, this wine has a beautiful ruby ​​color and aromas of violets and red or black fruits. It is a red wine for laying down; full-bodied and robust. 

Where to taste and buy these wines?

Meet wine growers who bring these appellations to life and taste the fruit of their labor! They will share their trades with you and you will be able to buy their precious nectars directly.

You can also meet some of our passionate winegrowers during gourmet walks. 

Vineyards and Discoveries Label

The Rhône Valley, Condrieu, Côte-Rôtie destination is labeled Vineyards and Discovery.

This label allows visitors to organize their stay around wine and the vine and to guarantee them a quality of service: accommodation, restaurant, cellar, entertainment, etc. on the scale of the destination.

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Ardèche products

Lucia Ortega
Lucia Ortega
Severine Moulin

Puppet of Annonay

alexander diaz

It's a small pink cake flavored with orange, which is the pride of the city. The puppets are traditionally produced for Palm Sunday, but the period has extended: you will now find them from the beginning of March until At the beginning of April. If the man is its original form, nowadays it also comes in a hot air balloon, a fish, a duck or a rabbit!

Where to buy puppets? At the Olagnon pastry shop: the only one to offer this delicacy


Truffole is another name for the French potato. The tuber, imported from Spain, was first sown in France around the 1540s, in Saint-Alban-d'Ay in Ardèche. Since then, the potato has appeared on our plates in all its forms: au gratin, fries, raclette... It is a staple of French gastronomy. In the 90s, several farmers registered the “La Truffole” brand with the aim of promoting the Ardèche potato and its sector.


Goat from Amélie Farm
Amelie Farm

Round soft cheese made from goat's milk, Picodon means "little spicy cheese". The first writings mentioning it date back to the XNUMXth century! It is made from the Rhône valley to the Ardèche massifs, via the Vercors. It is the star of the aperitif and the end of meals, but you can also find it in salads. Depending on the ripening, its taste can be more or less strong.

Where to buy picodon

for sale at the farm in Préaux: Ferme de l'Amélie

in store of Producers in Saint Félicien: Le Local

Sweet curd from Saint-Félicien

Sweet curd from Saint Félicien

 Le Caillé Doux is also a soft goat's milk cheese, but it is made only in the north of the Ardèche department and in particular in Saint-Félicien, from which it bears the name. All the stages of making Caillé Doux are carried out on the farm: from aging to maturing. A special technique used during curdling gives it its sweet taste and its name!

Where to buy sweet curd? Farm markets and sales:

Satillieu: The white goat, 

Préaux: The Amélie Farm, Gaec de La Chomaise


Ardèche Green

The Ardèche department is the leading chestnut producer. Since 2006, the Ardèche chestnut has been a controlled designation of origin, whether fresh, dried, in flour or puree. If there is one emblematic Ardèche product to bring back in your suitcase, it's the queen of chestnuts! 

Where to buy chestnuts

Taste the Ardèche

Ardèche collective brand that you will find in many brands, it is the guarantee of production in Ardèche, restaurants offering menus made up of 80% Ardèche products and points of sale with local products. To make sure you eat quality local products, this is the logo to spot !

They are labeled: 

Taste the Ardèche Label
Taste the Ardèche Label


  • Bakery – Patisserie Roux in Satillieu
  • Eric Roumeysi Poultry in Quintenas
  • Brasserie des Sarments in Talencieux
  • Market gardener's delights in Peaugres
  • Norbert Chenevier pastry shop in Davézieux
  • Olagnon pastry shop in Annonay
  • Largeron charcuterie in Saint-Cyr
  • Distillery Jean Gauthier in Saint-Désirat
  • Bakery – pastry shop Au pavé de St Régis in Lalouvesc
  • The White Goat in Satillieu


  • Restaurant La Truffolie in Saint-Alban-d'Ay
  • The Essential in Annonay