No need to go to the end of the world to experience a real change of scenery...

Here in the largest animal park of Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, you will become explorers by discovering more than 1200 animals on 80 hectares! Four continents are represented: from exotic animals to farm animals, you can see more than 130 animal species. Follow us !

Celebrate 50 years of Safari de Peaugres


Arthus Boutin

Two circuits to discover

Safari drive

You will have the impression of living a real safari: at the wheel of your car, follow the circuit and discover the wild animals of the African continent.

Hippos, zebras, rhinos, ostriches, antelopes and even… elephants!

You are not dreaming, you are in Ardèche. A little further on, you enter the middle of the North American forest. Here is the land of black bears and bison. Safe in your car, you see the animals evolve around you: a magical moment with these impressive species!

The car circuit is for a period ofabout an hour.

safari in ardèche auvergne rhone alpes annonay zooArthus Boutin

Walking Safari

The walking tour is divided into several places that you absolutely must discover!

Claws and Fangs

In the glass tunnel, you have the unique opportunity to face the big cats: cheetahs, lions, tigers, wolves, hyenas, snow leopards, lynx… They are a few meters or even centimeters away from you! Sometimes they even jump on the tunnel. Strong emotions guaranteed!

Land of the Minuses

You guessed it, this place gives pride of place to tiny…monkeys! And yes, you will discover the smallest monkeys in the world at the Peaugres Safari. In the tropical greenhouse, marmosets, tamarins and saki have made their home. Acrobatics, tightrope walkers and games punctuate their day!

The dives

In several areas of the safari, you will be able to enter immersion enclosures. Near parrots, alpacas, wallabies, maki-cattas… be discreet, you are at home! A fearless lemur may even cross your path.

Sea Lion Bay

Come admire these five sea lions swim in their pool. From a bridge or in underwater mode, you can see them floating right before your eyes! A little further, you can also observe about fifty penguins twirling in the water. An exciting dive into the heart of aquatic life!

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The greenhouse with 1000 hiding places

It is in this greenhouse that children and adults alike can test their quality of observation: frogs, insects, reptiles and iguanas blend into the landscape over more than 600m². Can you find them?

The Manor Underground

Enter the mansion to tame your (often unfounded) fears of nocturnal animals. Owls, bats, rats : discover their universe and get to know them and overcome your prejudices!

The Giraffe Footbridge

Take out the cameras, since the footbridge of the Giraffes, you will be able to observe them closely. At head height, you can look them straight in the eye! A feeder is actually hidden under the catwalk, which is why they can approach you when they come to eat.

Leonie's farm

Immersion on the farm with cows, pigs, sheep, goats and rabbits… The animals, which are more familiar, are still a source of wonder for children! The educational mini-farm allows you to marvel at animal curiosities in a playful way. A learning path for young and old alike.

The huts perched at

heart of Safari

Safari de Peaugres perched huts unusual accommodation unusual night at the zoo original gift animalsSafari of Peaugres

Ready to live a new experience? As a family, as a couple or with friends, dare spend a night above bears and wolves in the heart of the forest.

This unusual night is an opportunity to observe the stars, admire a sunrise and observe wolves and bears more closely. 100% Canadian atmosphere!

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VIP visits

All year round, the Safari de Peaugres offers VIP visits for walks at nightfall, visits to discover wild animals or 4×4 safaris.

Few visitors will have the chance to visit the safari as you will have discovered it!

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Play, eat, picnic

Several playgrounds are available for the little ones at the level of the walking circuit.

In summer, they can take advantage of the safari splash, an aquatic playground, without depth, to cool off. Don't forget the swimsuit!

All year round, the Safari provides at least one catering service with hot dishes. In summer, you will have the choice between snack bar, cafeteria, terrace near the sea lions… It is also possible to bring your own picnic and sit at one of the available tables.

Safari news

Follow the births of the park and the news: gift ideas, opening of the feeding workshops...

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The right plan

For your visit to the Peaugres Safari in Ardèche, take advantage of a €2 reduction on your tickets by buying them directly at the Ardèche Grand Air Tourist Office in Annonay!