The lakes of Ternay and Meinettes in Ardèche are not to be missed during your stay. Check out these natural nuggets within reach of your home!

Lac du Ternay, like an air of Canada

In Ardèche, Lake Ternay is a nugget to discover in every season. Well hidden behind the natural barrier offered by the cedars of Lebanon; suddenly, it appears and its tranquility immediately seduces walkers.

A stroll around the lake 

At 500 meters above sea level, Lake Ternay is ideal for relaxation. Need a nature break in an idyllic setting ? Look no further, take your favorite book, a blanket and sit by the water. 

If the lake does not allow swimming, it is however pleasant to walk there in the shade of the Cedars of Lebanon and a few sequoias. To go around this 30-hectare lake, allow about an hour. It's ideal for Sunday family outings or for joggers! However, some passages are shared with the road, be careful.

A restaurant borders the lake for those who are hungry.

lakes ternay ardècheRenaud Vezin
lake ternay ardecheThe Pebble with the Owls

A desire from elsewhere, a stone's throw away

In autumn, the surrounding spruces take on shimmering red and gold colors that give an air of Canada to this postcard landscape.

A circuit to gain height

From the Maison du Garde, on the edge of the Ternay dam, this circuit takes you to the shade of the cedars of Lebanon for an easy hike where peace and calm reign. Pretty viewpoints are to be discovered from the southern flank of the Crest of Pierre Bertrand.

The 6.9km loop, lasting 2 hours on foot, can also be done by bike. Without difficulty, the drop reaches 130 meters. Find the complete itinerary in our walks and hikes guide on sale at the Tourist Office (circuit 12) or on Cirkwi. 

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An artificial lake

The dam at the entrance to the lake was built between 1861 and 1867 under the impetus by Etienne de Canson. The objective is to protect the city of Annonay from floods and to supply the waterways in the event of drought. Over the years, its use has evolved to supply the city with drinking water.

How does it work ?

The dam makes it possible to store water coming from the Ternay stream. A 2km pipe feeds the station. The water is made drinkable there and retransmitted via 150 km of pipes to supply the town of Annonay

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Meinettes lake and its educational walk

Created in the 80s in Ardèche to allow the irrigation of arboreal land, the retention of water from the Meinettes lake is fed by four streams: the Chovozo, the Island, the Bruyères and the Ozon whose mouth can be guessed thanks to a grove of pines. 

The Lac des Meinettes surprises with the softness of its landscape and its clear sky. The landscape changes color with the seasons, creating an atmosphere that is sometimes peaceful, sometimes mysterious.

A small pool of life

Joggers enjoy going around the lake. It is also the ideal setting for family walks and serene. We like to meet there for a picnic, a friendly moment accessible to all, the changing light brings a touch of poetry to this place where we appreciate the breath of fresh air in summer. 

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Camille Roberjot

An educational walk

You can enjoy educational panels on wildlife and flore local communities along the 3 km of landscaped path. Handsome panoramas on Mounts of Pilat, large unobstructed viewpoints to the north towards the Ardet and Beaulieu hamlets. Finally, in spring, the charm of orchards in bloom in spring make it an unmissable event. 

The very easy and pleasant circuit, covered with vegetation is magical!

Shaded, it allows a dynamic and smooth recovery with a little technique. The tour is completed in 20 minutes by mountain bike

Do you want to fish?

La fishing is authorized there (opening on March 12) and allows neophytes to have a discovery of the practice respectful of nature. Children looking for adventure can also enjoy the nearby Saint Jeure d'Ay puzzle trail (to be found in your Tourist Offices).

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