Via Fluvia, the cycling route 

La Via Fluvia is an essential 80km route which aims to connect two great rivers which never cross: the impetuous Rhône and the wild Loire. The Via Fluvia in Ardèche is about fifteen kilometers long and is still being built to reach Serrières where it will be connected to the Via Rhôna.

Eventually, the total route will reach 120km. This cycle route/greenway makes you discover three departments: the Loire, the Haute-Loire and the Ardèche of course! A roaming to test without further delay, by bike, on foot, by scooter or stroller.

The creation of this route is not due to chance. On the one hand, it borrows old railway lines, on the other hand it makes it possible to cross several departments and to join other great routes easily.

The Via Fluvia then offers a range of varied atmospheres and incredible discoveries! In a pedal stroke, you go from green landscapes to alleys in the heart of the village. On a stage or while roaming, on the flat or uphill: sports enthusiasts as well as families meet there.

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The Pebble with the Owls
The Pebble with the Owls
Les Petits Drôme

The Via Fluvia in Ardèche

From Saint-Marcel-lès-Annonay to Annonay: an inventive step

On the Via Fluvia side in Ardèche, you can reach Annonay from the village of Saint-Marcel-lès-Annonay, on the edge of the Loire department. Ideal for families, it is a fairly flat and very pleasant route. An inventive world then opens its doors to you.

To reach the town of Annonay, follow the Deûme river. It is she who will be your traveling companion during these ten kilometres. She will guide you through the medieval village of Boulieu-lès-Annonay which conceals many treasures.

Take the old railway line to the entrance to Annonay, you are in the footsteps of the Montgolfier brothers and their old factory, now become the Montgolfier and Canson paper mills museum. The history of paper and the inventions of the Cansons will have no more secrets for you. This museum is also the only one in the world to show you a moving paper machine! 

Once arrived in the heart of Annonay, enjoy a visit under the sign of heritage by following a route to discover the famous personalities who have contributed to the reputation of the city.

On the Place des Cordeliers takes place the first hot air balloon flight in 1783. And yes! The Montgolfiers brothers were certainly renowned papermakers but also inventors behind the conquest of the air.

For those who wish to do a lazy break, take advantage of the sunny terraces to have a drink and why not, taste the local specialty : the Pink Pantin of Annonay! In the shape of men, animals or even hot air balloons, you will fall for this delicacy from the Ardèche and can even take away some sweets as souvenirs. 

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via fluvia in ardècheRenaud Vezin

From Vissenty to the Lac de Vert: wilderness cape

Always along the old railway lines From rue Pierre de Coubertin, extend this stage to Lac de Vert. The smoothness of the route and the green landscapes that surround you are conducive to peace. five kilometers away, you discover Green Lake. Praised by fishermen, it is a pleasant natural site for walking in the cool and relaxing in the shade of a tree. 

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Play on the Via Fluvia in Ardèche

The Annonay and Serrières game booklets are now available at the Annonay Tourist Office! These enigma trails on foot or by bike are accessible to the whole family. From 2h to 3h, it's a good way to motivate the troops for a Sunday ride!

The goal is to find the ingredients of a magic potion.

Four other booklets are available in Bourg-Argental, Yssingeaux, Lavoûte-sur-Loire and Dunières.

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puzzle game via fluviaTourist Office Ardèche Grand Air

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Practical details

Greenway or cycle route?

A greenway is only dedicated to non-motorized vehicles (pedestrians, cyclists), while the cycle route is shared with motorized vehicles. Rest assured, however, there are facilities to ensure the safety of non-motorized people.  

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