Hilarious choreography from the world of exploits, Fair-Play pays caustic and musical homage to the athletic body. Patrice Thibaud, elastic clown, taunts as a virtuoso, the world of sport.

It is certain, the year 2024 will be placed under the sign of sport, with the Olympic Games in France as a high point. Fair-Play fits directly into this logic. . Escaped from the Deschiens gang, we detect in Patrice Thibaud, a formidable author, actor, dancer, a poetry à la Tati and Chaplinesque influences. In the company of his musician and actor sidekick Philippe Leygnac, whose physique is opposed to everything, he is interested in the steel of the sporting mind, in his horselike relentlessness, or in the grace of the movement of a body that exceeds its natural capacities. A loving tribute to our little human failings in this great sporting world!

For students over the age of 10

Rates / opening


Full price: €20, Reduced price: €16, Student: €10.


Tuesday, May 7, 2024 from 20:30 p.m. to 21:50 p.m.