Treat yourself to the great outdoors on the Chemin de Saint Régis GR430

This is a hiking, a little path that smells of hazelnut and then chestnut! A path between high plateaus and large forests, a 199 km loop which can be covered in nine days and crosses the basin of puy, the volcanic plateau of Mézenc, Haut-Vivarais, the granite plateau of Montfaucon, and the Meygal massif. 

A GR pilgrimage between culture and nature

Road of middle Mountain, frequently above 1000m, the path of Saint-Régis, GR 430, crosses the Way of Saint-Jacques de Compostelle (Geneva route GR 65) and that of Stevenson (Stevenson you know? the one who walked with his donkeys!)

Saint Régis the walker of God, he walked without donkeys and without reproach, carrying the Good News throughout the Haut Vivarais. 

For nearly 400 years, the pilgrims (who can have their notebooks stamped at the tourist office) and hikers follow in his footsteps to discover, in all serenity, breathtaking landscapes. Note the possibility of carrying out the course in Mountain biking, another way to enjoy the path, and to immerse yourself in this Ardèche nature with its unique landscapes. 

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Walkers are in turn enchanted and amazed by the views of the mountains of Ardèche, the Cévennes or the Alps. As for forest trails, they are also protective during high heat.

The path of Saint Régis is a route labeled as a long-distance hiking trail by French Federation of Hiking : the GR 430. It is therefore marked out in white and red by the markers of the committees of the departments crossed: Haute-Loire and Ardèche. At certain points, panoramas or remarkable sites, you will find figurines bearing the effigy of Saint-Régis. Indeed, the Saint having surveyed the valleys and the mountains, from Velay to the plateaus of the Ardèche. 

The loop was designed in 1989 by Christian Bertholet, president of the Departmental Committee for Hiking of the Haute-Loire and, for the Ardèche part, by Marie-Madeleine Moutard-Solnon, former hotelier in Lalouvesc.

A route that does good

Privileged way of traveling, the pilgrimage allows you to discover the landscapes of North Ardèche. Wild nature is preserved there with very rich and diverse flora and fauna. 

It is a journey conducive to meditation where you will find inspiration at every step: the natural and cultural heritage, sacred and historic buildings are an invitation to wonder and to rejuvenation. 

A parenthesis like a return to oneself and to the essential. The landscapes then open the gaze and the thought to an immense sky and thanks to the panoramic horizons. 

It's also a time to take care of yourself, give meaning to your journey. We like to get together around a good table, enjoy the Ardèche welcome and farm products. You will be able to meet artisans. The path is full of human riches, great encounters, cultural events and gourmet discoveries. 

Panoramic View Lalouvesc Mont Chaix Northern ArdècheVald'Ay Tourist Office
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A little history can't hurt!

" Get up and walk !" He could have been called Lazare, but the “Walker of God” is called Régis! 

Jean-Francois Regis ! A Jesuit, he dreamed of being a missionary in Canada. In 1636 his superior sent him to the countryside of central France “Your Canada will be the Vivarais! ". As a result, all things considered, we advise you not to take the route between the end of November and the end of March due to snow cover and burle. Ardéchois of the plateau and altiligériens know well this icy wind which skims the ground and forms snowdrifts. 

It is by surveying these majestic landscapes that he becomes the very popular apostle of Velay and Vivarais. Thus the patron saint of lacemakers, whose job he saved by having a royal decree broken, known for his miracles of body and soul, Jean-François Régis was declared “Saint” by the people before being so by the Pope on June 16, 1737.

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Patron Saint of Lalouvesc

He died in 1640 at Lalouvesc after confessing for hours in the cold.

During his journey, Saint Régis would have stopped near a source: perhaps the one that is now called the miraculous fountain of Saint Régis. This was famous for pregnant women wishing to have a boy.

 A Lalouvesc City Sanctuary, a chapel is dedicated to Jean-François Régis. As well as a museum tracing his life through a remarkable diorama. Her reliquary is in the Basilica alongside that of Saint Thérèse Couderc.

Useful info

You will find a new edition of the guide book in the offices of  Ardèche Grand Air Tourist Offices. This companion is essential for your hike. You will find the route on the IGN map, a table of resources to prepare your stages, a list of accommodation. Also take advantage of the step-by-step description as well as the thematic sheets on fauna, flora and heritage. Finally the story of Jean-François Régis, the essentials of the itinerary, favorites and good addresses. 

You will find it very useful to prepare your hike and follow the itinerary day by day. For the transport of luggage or people, the mail box offers its services along the way.

Hiking in green Ardèche