The history of the Montgolfière begins in Annonay thanks to the Montgolfier brothers and their incredible invention. They paved the way for air and space in history, just that! There is no shortage of air in the Ardèche!

Why is Annonay the hot air balloon capital?

The Montgolfier brothers, inventors of the hot air balloon, are from the region and grew up just next to Annonay, in Vidalon. After several experiments, the first aerostat took off on the main square of Annonay, the Place des Cordeliers, on June 4, 1783, in the presence of the States General of Vivarais. For the past few years, we have been celebrating this wonderful invention with a festive event: the Hot Air Balloon Festival.

Three balloon festivals in Annonay

Commemoration of the first flight

Each year, the reconstruction of the historic flight of the hot air balloon of the Montgolfier brothers takes place on June 4 on the Place des Cordeliers in Annonay. Since 1983, which marked the bicentenary of this discovery, a faithful and costumed reconstruction has taken place. Organized by the association Annonay Hot Air Balloons, this event has now become a highlight of local life. In short, an appointment not to be missed! A replica of the paper balloon is heated with straw by volunteers in period costumes, on the historic site of the first flight in the heart of Annonay.

Exceptionally in 2024, the historical reenactment will take place on
Sunday July 7 at 11 a.m.

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The Ardeche Balloon Festival

From Friday 28 to Sunday 30 June 2024, celebrate this festive weekend around the hot air balloon in Quintenas. Concerts and flights are on the program for this friendly moment!

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A hot air balloon festival

The first weekend of July, the city of Annonay is transformed during the “I can't, I have a hot air balloon” festival.

In 2024, this hot air balloon festival in Annonay took place from Friday July 5 to Sunday July 7.

It is the ideal event for:  

  • treat yourself to a first flight surrounded by around twenty hot air balloons : on the occasion of this festival and throughout the year, it is possible to make a baptism in a hot air balloon. To do this, meet with the many local associations and companies.
  • have breakfast at sunrise while admiring spectacular take-offs : watch the hot air balloons take off while enjoying your breakfast in the heart of the Parc de Déomas. A unique moment in the early morning which will amaze you for sure and which will allow you to exchange with the different pilots.
  • Having fun and growing as a family: many activities for the whole family are planned at the Parc de Déomas during the weekend. What to discover this spectacular invention which makes young and old dream with in particular different villages. A village around hot air balloons (captive flights, inflated canvas on the ground, creation of mini hot air balloons, etc.), a village "La prairie d'Eole" (kite making and initiation workshop, sculptor of balloons, etc.) and a village fun fair (rides, introduction to flying trapeze, etc.).

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Make a dream come true: a baptism in a hot air balloon 

Less than 1 hour from Lyon, Saint-Etienne and Valence, take off in an idyllic landscape, in Ardèche! What could be more magical than getting laid in the city that saw the birth the invention of the hot air balloon ? find hot air balloon pilots from the Annonay region for an exceptional first flight in a hot air balloon over the hilly landscapes of northern Ardèche.

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