A conference on the theme of reindustrialization in France in the context of globalization led by Claudine Desrieux, Doctor in Economics

The theme of “reindustrialization” is making a comeback in economic news, particularly since the covid crisis. However, “industrial policy” seemed to have been neglected by public authorities in recent years: Why such a reversal?

The presentation will address several points:
- First of all, where is France located in terms of industries? Are we “more deindustrialized” than other countries and why? With the recovery plan and the “green industry” bill, what means are being implemented to develop new industries in France, with what economic strategy and what objectives?
- Next, the reasons why industry is “making a comeback” in current economic policy will be discussed. The covid crisis has led to new questions about the notions of economic sovereignty, the globalization of trade, and the resilience of the productive fabric (i.e. its capacity to cope with economic shocks): why are we considering Are these themes “differently” today compared to the situation “before the crisis”? Should we abandon globalization if we want to “re-industrialize”? It will also be a question of understanding the difference between "reindustrialization" and "relocalization", and of explaining in which cases relocations can be effective from an economic point of view and in which cases it is necessary to favor other strategies to make the fabric productive French resilient in the face of crises.
- Finally, the choices made in France in terms of re-industrialization will be put into perspective with those of other European countries but also with the measures taken in the United States (in particular with the Inflation Reduction Act, a law including measures largely benefiting American industry). What place does globalization have in these reindustrialization strategies? More broadly, can we reconcile globalization, environmental protection and industries?

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Friday 17 May 2024 at 19 p.m.