A wine weekend

All summer long, wine appointments allow you to push the door domains, to meet passionate winegrowers and to taste wines from the three appellations: Saint-Joseph, Condrieu and Côte-Rôtie. Three possible formulas: a hike, a concert or a brunch and always accompanied by a tasting: there will necessarily be one made for you!

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, be sure to consume it in moderation.

On Friday, the afterwork in music

After a week of work, nothing better to start the weekend than with a concert and wine tasting evening. I take my friends in the car and we head for the estate for a musical escape.

Arrived on site, we are welcomed by the winemaker and we settle in the cellar. The decor is unusual and above all fresh ! A real pleasure after a summer day with high temperatures.

The musicians and the singer take their places on the stage. We open our ears wide for this jazz concert. The pieces follow one another and we do not see the time slipping away. Some spectators even take the opportunity to dance!

The hour of the last piece has come, which means that the tasting can begin. The winemaker presents several bottles but also the winery and its profession. We tested a white Saint-Joseph, a red Saint-Joseph and a Condrieu: a varied palette of aromas and flavors. After this great discovery, it's already time to leave, but with a few extra bottles to prolong the evening!

On Saturday morning, a tasting hike

This morning, a nice walk awaits us in the cool. A guide specialized in oenology takes us to the vineyards and tells us the story landscapes, the village and the vineyards Of course ! Overlooking the Rhône, we never tire of admiring the view. On one side of the vines and green hills, on the other side the king river and in watermark, the Vercors.

Before descending, we enjoy a tasting at the top of the vineyards. The winemaker explains the different grape varieties but also the ways of working the vine, pruning and harvesting. A real immersion in the profession of winegrower! After sharing his passion with us, it's already time to go back down towards the domain. So a natural and gourmet outing who kept all his promises!

Sunday brunch: an institution

Sleeping in on Sunday is always well deserved… especially when it is punctuated by a brunch with friends. And directly from the winemaker is even better. A local restaurateur has prepared everything you need to enjoy. Of the sweet or savory local products… There is plenty to choose from. With the estate's wine, it's a delight. The agreement is perfect. It's a nice way to end this tasty weekend around oenology.

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