A whole program of summer gourmet walks

Enjoy a tailor-made experience for epicureans. THE Sandrine's gourmet walks are unique opportunity. This is an original way to discover the flavors and vineyards of northern Ardèche. In the heart of nature, meet the producers and winegrowers. THE hikes are accessible to as many people as possible. Exchanges arounda tasting 100% local are unforgettable!

More than a hike

Gourmands and gourmands follow Sandrine. Our guide specialized in oenology. So at the end of the road the effort will be rewarded with a tasting of local products.

The adventure with Rhone Sand Tour it's…

  • A warm welcome
  • A circuit of less than 10km.
  • A guided walk and the discovery of historical sites or natural viewpoints
  • A visit to a winemaker or producer with tasting and meeting
  • Awareness of environmental protection

Gourmet walks are a fun time. A unique sharing of places and typical products of Northern Ardèche.

Book your gourmet walks

In June, July and August, book your gourmet walk in our Tourist Office or directly online!


The program of gourmet walks

How to prepare?

Bring good walking shoes. In the middle of nature, the paths criss-cross between hillsides or undergrowth. Remember to protect yourself from the beautiful Ardèche sun, hats with sunscreen and water are recommended.

Who can participate?

Gourmet walks are accessible to as many people as possible. Children are welcome, you just need to be able to walk about 6 km, including on slightly stony paths.

Portrait of an Epicurean

gourmet walks with Sandrine Defour

Sandrine Defour

Tour guide and lecturer

« I have always loved walks that bring a sense of connection to nature and allow you to refocus on yourself. It is a moment of sharing with friends or family. »

What do you prefer in your job? 

While visiting our beautiful region, I met many people there who spoke to me about themselves and our land, our traditions.

It was there that I discovered the life of winegrowers and winegrowers, local producers and that I wanted to promote their work during gourmet walks. 

I am also passionate about art and architecture. I like to visit, discover new places and I like to share these finds and these nuggets.

What types of services do you offer? …

I suggest the Sandrine's gourmet walks, for which I have been supported by the tourist offices in my area and for which I sincerely thank. 

Without them, nothing would have been possible. Indeed, when I proposed my idea, it had to be structured, marketed, promoted and I needed support for that. I am also in the process of creating wine tourism projects with half-days or full days of visits to the territory by minibus for private groups, I would like to offer visits on very specific themes such as vines and wine, antiquity to the present day; women winegrowers in the Rhône Valley.

How do you transmit your knowledge and know-how?

I work a lot on my itineraries, whether as an accompaniment or for gourmet walks, in order to find the most suitable (in terms of access, view, elevation)

I try to adapt as well as possible and ask myself what visitors are looking for. I make sure to pass on my knowledge and make it accessible to everyone, but also to leave room for dialogue, whether everyone has a place during the walk or the day. No visit is the same thanks to this sharing. 

Can you reveal to us a place, a meeting, a recipe or other on the territory that you should not miss under any circumstances? 

We have so many beauties in our territory that it is difficult to choose.

But I will say that what I like the most is rather an atmosphere, a suspended moment, a luminosity with a panoramic view between vineyards and forest as in Sarras, Félines, St Désirat or Arras

I also like intimate places, simple chapels such as those of St Symphorien de Mahun or Veyrines. All places are amazing, especially when we end with a glass of wine, sausage, caillette, cheese, bread and chocolate or chestnut cream :)

One last word ?

I thank all those who help me on a daily basis for the success of my projects (professional partners, winegrowers, local producers) and I hope to continue in this direction. Thanks also to my family and friends for their support.

And big up especially to all the participants of the visits and gourmet walks, nothing would be possible without you and without the loyalty of some (some come back regularly and it's such a pleasure to see you again). 

In 2023, we all remain mobilized to offer you the best and to make you live great experiences on our territory.

tastings during Sandrine's gourmet walksBenoit Collaudin