Some p'Arts

A living artistic project that creates a bond!

Between here and there… Some p'Arts is a national center for street arts and public space. The whole team offers unique street performances full of emotions, sensations, happiness, joy, reflection, always with the aim of amazing the senses and the mind. The programming of Les Temps Fort is also the promise of discovering new companies and performances.

The team of a few p'Arts does not stop there, because it ensures the artistic direction of cultural projects, accompanies creation by organizing residencies, ensures mediation and public awareness. As you will have understood, the heart of the process is above all a story of sharing. Long live the live show!

Where are the Highlights held?

In Nord-Ardèche, but also in the Loire and the Drôme, passing through the Isère and the banks of the Rhône

400 chemin de Grusse 07100, Boulieu-lès-Annonay | 04 75 67 56 05


Palmira Picon, director of Some p'Arts raises the curtain for us on this artistic adventure

Where does a few p'Arts come from?

“The project was born in 1988, the year we created the Festival de la Manche in Annonay with the MJC. [… Then ] “residences of creation and diffusion”: a company settles on the territory to work on a show, which leads to a period of demonstration in the public spaces of the different municipalities. It is also the time of the first artistic and cultural education actions with schools, high schools, nursing homes...

We worked hand in hand with elected officials to [..] develop the concept of an artistic season. It was unprecedented in terms of cultural decentralization and cooperation between local authorities. Over time, many small and medium-sized municipalities as well as communities of municipalities have become partners. "

What is this artistic year made of in the territory?

“The 2023 Season begins on February 16 and 17 at the Théâtre des Cordeliers in Annonay with the company La Volubile, which will present its show in progress, “Hôtel Cosmos”.

And above all, a Temps Fort Création which returns this year between April 21 and 23. Many companies will come to present a working stage of their next show during this moment dedicated to new artistic creation.” 

Do you have a go-to tip?

An event not to be missed in the spring is the acrobatic and musical cycling ballet of "La Bande à Tyrex" which we are co-organizing with En Scènes, Annonay Rhône Agglo on May 5 at 20:30 p.m. in Boulieu-lès- Annonay. The company will be present in several towns along the Via Fluvia during the “Fête du vélo”.

A wish for the rest of the adventure?

“Of course, I want artists to continue to make us dream, reflect and vibrate, to have fun being together, to live all the extraordinary experiences that live performance offers.”