Recharge your batteries in the heart of nature by treating yourself to a moment of fishing. Take advantage of the calm of a lake or the tumult of the river to go fishing at the water's edge.

It almost feels like paradise! Here a brown carp, there a roach and a goldfish. Fishing also allows us to marvel at the nature that surrounds us. From the Lac du Ternay to the Rhône river, from the Deûme to the Cance; in any season you can admire these rivers. 

The fly fisherman will find in the spring the opportunity to meet the autochthonous lady fario of Mediterranean stock, while traversing the Deume, the Cance or the Ay.

As for the coarse fisherman, whatever technique he prefers, as soon as the summer comes, he will be able to take pleasure in practicing on the lakes of Ternay, Vert or Sauzets and will apprehend carp, tench, crucian fish, roach and other cyprinids in a site conducive to serenity.

The predator fisherman on the Rhône will be able, even on the coldest winter days, to get an adrenaline rush by confronting record fish, both from a boat or float tubes and from on board.

Guide, course and workshops

Lucile Ortega

Night carp fishing: Lac de Vert

Sports leisure

This lake is owned by the Lac de Vert Irrigation Association.

Green Lake

07430 Vernosc-lès-Annonay

04 75 67 65 70

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To have the right to fish on the lake, you must pay a special annual fee (stamp) in addition to the fishing license.

All year.

friends of the line

Fishing trip and youth awarenessLine Friends

Yannick Bertin, Secretary of APPMA Friends of the Line in Satillieu

Our role is to act for the preservation of habitats in rivers, to adapt to situations of drought, to raise awareness of more ecological fishing. We carry out signage campaigns to change the "Fishing reserve" signs which are no longer legible.

What is special about the rivers of Val d'Ay?

Despite repeated droughts, the Ay river is renowned for its fario trout, often small in size but resulting exclusively from natural reproduction.

We also have a small population of white-clawed crayfish, which is prohibited from fishing by prefectural decree.

QWhat would be your fishing spot, for leisure and relaxation fishing with or without a catch?

The Ay river from Satillieu to Ardoix is ​​a very beautiful course.

A technique, a fishing tip that respects the environment?

It is mandatory to respect the legal catch size, this year fishermen are limited to 3 catches, and must fish barbless on the hook in order to less damage the released fish.

A recipe ??

Trout en papillote:

  • put a brown trout in an aluminum foil with a little butter, Guérande salt and dill,
  • Place in a hot oven (grill) between 5 and 10 minutes depending on the size of the trout.
Angling workshop with Friends of the line