The Crossroads of Arts of Lalouvesc

A modern art gallery in the village! Lalouvesc is the cultural destination of your summer in Northern Ardèche. The Carrefour des arts exhibits many well-known and upcoming artists and programs Jazz and Classical concerts. Something to delight the eyes and ears. Artists from all backgrounds and audiences meet thanks to the concerts and exhibitions at the Carrefour des arts.

News from the Carrefour des arts: the festival Micro-madness in Val d’Ay

The Carrefour des arts de Lalouvesc and Micro-folie celebrated the start of the school year! No major theater or national museum in Val d’Ay? No problem, we can enjoy the Digital Museum and masterpieces just a stone's throw from home. What would you say about Swan Lake in Satillieu? Ardèche never ceases to amaze you!

This itinerant and fun museum is programmed by the different municipalities of Val d'Ay and around Annonay. All audiences are invited to enjoy, exchange, discover or rediscover the masterpieces of the Louvre or the Musée d'Orsay.

micro-madness digital museum for the science festival in Val d'Ay with the Carrefour des arts de LalouvescMicro-madness ministry of culture

A summer in Lalouvesc

The Carrefour des Arts de Lalouvesc proudly carries this desire to mix and meet. A annual exhibition with a territory, artists with an audience. Developing a diversity of cultural offerings in rural areas is a vocation. This allows residents far from major urban centers to enjoy art and artists close to the fields. A project essential to well-being. The association takes up the challenge with panache: the exhibitions have been free from the start. We are amazed by the quality! Indeed, everything is thought out with eclecticism in terms of the choice of artists and works.

A modern art gallery in the village!

Un Carrefour it is a crossroads, an essential place, an ideal place to meet, observe, question, glimpse the possibilities, be moved that we can be in the same place while arriving from distant horizons sometimes even opposite, it is a place that is not really defined since it belongs to everyone and yet precise since it is a junction point between several roads, several universes. 

When to visit the exhibition?

Remember that originally there was only one exhibition weekend. Today they last eight weeks and offer all styles. Contemporary French but also foreign painters. musical programming, meetings with artists. A unique development therefore for this high-level and multidisciplinary cultural event.

When to enjoy entertainment?

Reception during the two summer months is also provided by volunteers from the village and the surrounding area. Their artistic passion requires a personal commitment: search for artists, visits to workshops, management of the works, it's all an activity that contributes to the vitality of the village. Oils on canvas, watercolors, ceramics, mosaics, glass, paper, wood, steel. Thus the materials intersect, find their places, take the light, we talk about it, we rejoice, we question ourselves. As a result, exhibitions allow exchanges, emotions and discoveries. And all this in a communicative and lively enthusiasm, open to all and all styles. And yes, even in music since the programming mixes concerts jazz and classical. Free musical entertainment is available in summer. Art workshops are offered. Something to marvel at!

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A human adventure 

The Association volunteers have been working since 1989 and share their passion of the arts, paintings and sculptures, photographs, artistic expression in all its forms. Each exhibition is prepared, installed and dismantled by a team of volunteers (electrician, carpenter, seamstress, communicator, designer, accountant, lawyer, architect, etc.).

Carrefour des arts Lalouvesc Ardèche volunteers of the association

They tell us about it

“There is a time for everything, a time to create and a time to marvel. The Carrefour des Arts has the immense pleasure each year of introducing more than 8000 people to the work of artists, and of making young and old, young and old dream during a visit.”

Julien Besset President of the Carrefour des Arts
Portrait J Morel curator of the Carrefour des arts exhibitionSeverine Moulin

Jacques Morel

Curator of the Exhibition, shares his enthusiasm with us.

What would you say to someone to join the association?

I would say to him: "If you like the Arts and the Haute Ardèche with 10 euros a year you will be informed of our exhibitions, our concerts, our visits to museums and artists' studios and if you wish to do a little volunteering you will be able to join our working committees where everyone contributes what they can according to their time and expertise: plastic arts, performing arts, communication, technique... there is room for all passions, even for a few hours in the summer »

What are the projects...?

With the cultural programming of the Carrefour des Arts 2023, the main novelty will be the opening of a digital museum in Val d'Ay. Under the name “micro-madness” and under the aegis of major national cultural institutions such as the Louvre, the Paris Opera or La Villette, this museum provides access to prestigious works and didactic materials for young people. In this way, he will also be able to organize conferences and workshops in the municipalities as close as possible to the inhabitants and schools. Partnerships will be forged with associations wishing to use this digital museum. We already have a project in this direction with the Source in Annonay.

Can you reveal to us a place, a meeting, a recipe or other on the territory that you should not miss under any circumstances?

I am as much urban as rural so I will mention two:

  • The old center of Annonay for the history it exudes, the relief it gives to urbanity, its complexity, its resilience….and I would recommend ending with a stroll upstream along the Deume to understand geography 
  • The Notre Dame d'Ay Chapel for the beauty of the site and so much to do on the day of a concert at the Carrefour des Arts