Severine Moulin

The legend of the Afars

According to the legend of Haut-Vivarais, little half-fairy, half-devil creatures hide along the streams. And if they show up, beware! It is only to torment the inhabitants.

Small, furry, pranksters and even a little thieves... doesn't that mean anything to you? They live near water and come out mostly at night. They find refuge during the day in caves, posts (dens) or the money (underground) ofNorthern Ardèche. Their favorite activity and which makes them laugh a lot: stealing food or tormenting the inhabitants by putting their little buttocks on lutin on the chimneys to smoke out the whole household.

These elves are one of the nuggets of popular traditions and legends of Ardèche Grand Air. Nothing prevents you from looking for its funny inhabitants at your own risk.

A stroll for children

Go with family in search of the Afars, these goblins who populate the tales of northern Ardèche to discover the legend of the infinite rosary. Follow the wooden beads, they will lead you to their hiding place... 

Your mission, if you accept it! : find a precious rosary stolen by the elves using the 5 sculptures that indicate the presence of a hiding place.

Here is a walk that will appeal to everyone, young and old: the Afars trail from the Lalouvesc playground allows a nice loop of about 1h30. 

Follow the wooden beads

You will follow the wooden beads hanging from the trees, answer the puzzles, will discover the fauna and the flora. Along the river for a breeze of forest freshness in summer, you will come across the Afars with their mischievous look. It is said that elves live there at the edge of the brook, using the old installations of the mill to hide.

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A few steps on the trail : the remains of La Scie, the stream and the meadows of the Val d'or, the old reservoir and the reach of the mill, the clothesline, the waterfall of the old mill.

Almost living sculptures

The trail was set up in the summer of 2017, according to a concept by Luth Médiations. You will find there the magnificent work of the wood sculptor Maxime Cadoux. This luthier artist based in the Bauges massif has been able to give a soul to all the Afars you will meet. Mischievous smiles, mysterious looks accompany you. They give the Val d'Or a unique atmosphere for a walk full of surprises and memories.  

Severine Moulin