Communicate about your event so that it is published on the online diaryOn the weekly diary sent to our partners and potentially on: the agenda of the website of the Ardèche Tourist Development Agency (ardeche-guide), the agenda of the site of the Via Fluvia, event announcement sites, our paper diaries published occasionally during the year, the Dauphiné Libéré and Réveil diaries which use our exports, etc.

The events listed on this agenda must be open to all and have an interest for passing visitors. The following events do not fall within this framework: general assembly, courses/workshops requiring annual registration, information meeting, etc.

do not write in capitals and to respect the entry rules below so that your event appears correctly on our agenda.

The Tourist Office reserves the right not to publish an event and to modify the information entered, without distorting its meaning, in order to correspond to the expected editorial quality.

Also remember to communicate your event to local radio stations: Radio d'Ici ( or 04 75 32 57 15) and Chérie FM (04 75 67 03 72).

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Communicate about your event in the municipalities of Annonay, Ardoix, Bogy, Boulieu-lès-Annonay, Brossainc, Charnas, Colombier-le-Cardinal, Davézieux, Félines, Le Monestier, Limony, Peaugres, Quintenas, Roiffieux, Saint-Jacques- of Atticieux, Saint-Julien-Vocance, Saint-Clair, Saint-Cyr, Saint-Désirat, Saint-Marcel-lès-Annonay, Savas, Serrières, Talencieux, Thorrenc, Vanosc, Vernosc-lès-Annonay, Villevocance, Vinzieux and Vocation:

Ardèche Grand Air Tourist Office: Email † 04 75 33 24 51

Communicate about your event in the municipalities of Lalouvesc, Préaux, Saint Alban d'Ay, Saint Jeure d'Ay, Saint Pierre sur Doux, Saint Romain d'Ay, Saint Symphorien de Mahun, Satillieu:

Val d'Ay Tourist Office: Email † 04 75 67 84 20