The 2023 edition from Friday June 30 to Sunday July 2

The 2023 edition of the J'peux pas j'ai montgolfière festival took place from Friday June 30 to Sunday July 2 and offered us a great edition again this year!

The dates for 2024 are not yet communicated, but in the meantime, you can watch the video return of the 2023 edition.

In 2024, don't miss this free festival dedicated to hot air ballooning in Annonay, Ardèche.

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Back in pictures on the 2023 edition

Tourist Office Ardèche Grand Air
Tourist Office Ardèche Grand Air
Tourist Office Ardèche Grand Air
Tourist Office Ardèche Grand Air
Tourist Office Ardèche Grand Air

Make a baptism during the hot air balloon festival

It is quite possible (subject to good weather conditions of course)! To do this, you must contact the pilots directly and tell them that you want to fly during the festival.

And for the curious who have questions about flights, we answer to all their questions

If you are not in for the baptism, you can watch the flights on those days from Parc Déomas.

The night glow: a magical moment

Imagine, a Magic moment during which several hot air balloons light up to music! During the 2023 edition, the night glow unfortunately did not take place, but it is only a postponement for next year!

Benoit Collaudin

The passage of the air force aerobatic team

The 2023 edition gave us quite a surprise! The Air Force aerobatic team passed through the Annonean sky. A few minutes of aerobatics to the delight of festival-goers.

The Ardéchois concert

The concert by Chloé Fanchon and the Ardéchois was the high point of this edition! A beautiful end to the festival in music.

montgolfiere festival annonay concert les ardéchois

Hot air balloon flights

You had to be brave and get up early in the morning, or wait until the end of the day to watch the hot air balloon take off. Several balloons took off in the sky of Annonay and among them the new town pink balloon which gives pep's and makes us see life in pink!

The 2024 festival program

The 2024 program is not out yet : still a little patience for next year!

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