Northern Ardèche specialties

Discover the specialties of northern Ardèche and slip a few into your suitcases! Here, it is the right product that prevails.


If there were only one Ardèche specialty left, it would be her. The department of Ardèche is the leading chestnut producer. Since 2006, the Ardèche chestnut has been a controlled designation of origin, whether fresh, dried, in flour or puree. If there is one emblematic Ardèche product to bring back in your suitcase, it's the queen of chestnuts! 

Where to buy it?

Did you know? The chestnut is very rich and allows a gluten-free flour that is very digestible and full of energy, fibre, manganese, phosphorus, vitamin B the list of its benefits is long, it would have saved many Ardèche residents from starvation over the past centuries.

The right plan

In October and November, experience the Castagnades at Ardèche time. The chestnuts are starting to fall! Ardèche is celebrating, tastings and festivities await you in many villages. Also take the opportunity to visit our producer partners La Ferme du Châtaigner in Lamastre.

Picodon and Sweet Curd from Saint Félicien

Picodon means “little spicy cheese”. The first writings mentioning it date back to the XNUMXth century! It is made from the Rhône valley to the Ardèche massifs, via the Vercors. It is the star of the aperitif and the end of meals, but you can also find it in salads. Depending on the ripening, its taste can be more or less strong.

As for the Caillé Doux, it is produced only in the north of the department of Ardèche. He is from Saint Félicien whose name he bears. It is on the farm that all the stages of making Caillé Doux are carried out: from aging to maturing. It is a special technique used during curdling that gives it its sweet taste and its name!

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Sweet curd from Saint Félicien
Benoit Collaudin

The Pantin of Annonay 

Direction Annonay to taste this gourmet little fellow with a sweet taste which is a specialty of Annonay in Ardèche! Traditionally produced for Easter, the skate takes the form of a pink figure. He is delicately flavored with orange, both crunchy on the outside and irresistibly tender on the inside. This pastry has something to tempt gourmets and especially children! Now that your taste buds are salivating, you have to wait until early March to taste it. You can treat yourself to this specialty until the beginning of April or order the rest of the year for the impatient. Nowadays, it also takes several forms: from fish to rabbit via the unmissable hot air balloon, you will have to taste them all! 

Agriculture and Organic Products

Rich many breeders and producers always ready to share their passion with you, the northern Ardèche has managed to maintain agriculture on a human scale and respectful of the environment. All the ingredients are there for a gourmet and healthy stay!

“Taste the Ardèche”

There are recipes and then there are recipes with the “Taste the Ardèche” label the assurance of finding a unique taste and faithfully Ardèche, the taste buds are not mistaken. The Ardèche is full of culinary treasures.

Ardèche collective brand that you will find in many brands. Goute l'Ardèche is the guarantee of local production, of restaurants offering menus made up of 80% Ardèche products, but also of points of sale with local products. To make sure you eat quality local products, this is the logo to spot !

Taste the Ardèche logo

The Pavé St Régis and the Chastanha

When you have, on foot or by bike, reached the Lalouvesc pass, believe our experience, a break is essential. We soak our temples in the Saint Régis fountain, and we grant ourselves a little sweet pleasure at the bakery tea room Le Pavé Saint Régis. Imagine that the baker makes there in his wood-fired oven a essential specialty. It was historically designed as a travel cake. Easy to transport, nutritious for long trips, made with good local and tasty products and above all delicious in all weathers.

Secret recipes

You are already dreaming of it and we know why: The unique softness of Pavement of St Regis, historical specialty of the house and recipe Goûtez l'Ardèche, it is a shortcrust pastry covered with a light almond biscuit, hiding a tasty country jam, blueberries, raspberry, homemade praline and chestnuts by the Sabaton house. There's crunchiness, there's softness and a very fine snowfall of icing sugar on top reminiscent of the good cakes of yesteryear. And then between the Ardèche baguette and the shortbread you can see a pretty round loaf or rather a brioche dressed in the colors of autumn, it's La Chastanha!

The Chastanha here is a funny name in patois that means chestnut, hence the pretty amber color of this specialty.

Fasten your seat belts! The Chastanha it's a real indulgence, an Ardèche Proust madeleine! Here is the Rolls of brioches made from chestnut flour. Delicately sweet, it is a breakfast friend! In short, we love it and we would be wrong to deprive ourselves of it as the chestnut is good for your health. 

Lou Pisadou 

The chestnut is honored by this gourmet cake which makes the pride of the Ardèche. Only a few pastries have the Goûtez l'Ardèche label allowing them to make the original recipe. The Ardèche pastry chefs were asked to create a practical cake that is easy to transport by holidaymakers. A shortcrust pastry topped with chestnut puree and an almond dacquoise… there is enough to salivate! A great success for this gourmet specialty which the Ardèche residents love as much as tourists.