Everyone to the farm

Nature lovers, lovers of good fresh and local products, animal lovers...Let's take advantage of the weekend to go to a farm: visits, meetings and tastings, direct sales, the farms welcome you and it's a nice way to discover the land.

A farm in Ardèche

LNorthern Ardèche is a breeding ground, of varied cultures and adapted to the diversity of the reliefs. Thus, from the banks of the Rhône, the hillsides of vines climb up to the plateau where the robust fruit trees, cherry, apricot and apple trees flourish. Make another few meters of ascent and here you are in the middle of the mountains. Enjoy the scent of chestnut groves, wild blueberries and red fruits. The steep slopes of High Vivarais have been worked on terraces for centuries.

A landscape shaped by animal husbandry

Peaceful herds of goats and sheep or cows graze in the middle of grass rich in many varieties of specific flowers. This rugged terrain is conducive to small farms, authentic models of a family farming traditional adapted and respectful of the environment. The farms are numerous and value all the riches of the Ardèche du Nord, theorganic farming, aromatic plants from the Jardins des Sautons at the mushroom farm in Saint Pierre sur Doux : Let yourself be seduced by the diversity of the productions of our farms.

Visit a farm in Ardèche

Spend a good time in the countryside, take an educational visit to a farm... Some ideas for getaways for the day, the evening... Meet, pick or collect your own fruits and vegetables, discover!

When I grow up I will be a breeder!

Visiting a farm is possible and it is even a very good idea. So in April event departmental  From farm to farm opens the doors to 38 farms in Ardèche. Some welcome you throughout the year for free or guided visits and sale of products on the spot. In short, a unique way to discover the region and practice a bit of ecotourism.  


First there is the landscape, the cultivated land, protected and valued by man, then comes the encounter. Farmers are above all enthusiasts, and this is transmitted. The toddlers will be amazed by the animals, the milking, the honey harvest, the patience of the cheese maker. 

The greatest will admire the commitment, the precision of the gestures of these men and women whose incomparable know-how gives birth to high quality products and finally everyone will have their taste buds in celebration. Fruits just picked from the tree, vegetables straight from the ground, in Ardèche, short circuits easy Healthy food. 

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A cheese not to be missed

And if we tell you: pretty white puck, bloomy crust, delicately flavored soft cheese, goat's milk, farm production, traditional specialty of northern Ardèche, unique cheese, will you answer us? 

Le Sweet curd from Saint-Félicien Of course !

Impossible to leave without having tasted this pure goat cheese. It is The speciality local and historic farms of Haut-Vivarais produced between March and December. 

We find the Sweet curd from Saint Félicien in the markets, at good cheese makers, during Gourmet walks. And finally directly at the farm, a great opportunity to meet Karine and Aurélien from the Amelie Farm à Meadows or go to the White Goat à Satillieu.

Saint-Félicien le Caillé sweet goat cheese Ardèche
Sweet curd from Saint-Félicien
Union for the defense and promotion of Saint-Félicien sweet curd

The white goat in Satillieu

This farm specializes in raising goats of the Saanen breed (all white).

The goats graze from mid-March to the end of November. During the winter they are on maternity leave and eat hay harvested on site during the summer season.

All dairy production is processed on the farm.

“By varying the temperature, the acidity, the dosage of rennet, the size of the strainers, and other parameters specific to each cheese, we are able to offer you around twenty different cheeses”.

The soft Caillé de Saint Félicien is a tradition that is dear to them on this farm. When it had almost disappeared from the cheese landscape, the producers never stopped bringing this cheese so characteristic of the upper Ardèche to life.

La Chèvre Blanche is labeled "Welcome to the farm".

The White Goat | La Garenne, 07290 Satillieu | 06 62 40 94 82

The Amélie Farm in Préaux

A family business since 1880, the Ferme de l'Amélie is a traditional mixed crop-livestock farm in Haut-Vivarais.

 “Our farm is very diverse. We raise goats, cows and pigs. The herds complement each other and allow no resources to be wasted. As soon as the weather permits, the animals find their food on pasture.

The menu varies according to the season: grass, alfalfa, wild thyme, sage, brushwood, shrubs, acorns, chestnuts...

Well fed, the goats give us quality milk with which we make a wide range of traditional cheeses (Caillé Doux de Saint-Félicien and Picodon AOP) and farm specialties (Pyramide cendrée, Tonnelier, strainers, aperitif corks, etc.) »

Karine and Aurelien Mourier

And then there are the cows, Vosgiennes, Montbéliardes, Tarines, Limousines, Abondances, Blondes d'Aquitaine, the calves, reared under the mother, are sold to the village butcher. As for the pigs, they feast on the whey from cheese production. A good healthy diet which explains the quality and taste of the products: sausage, dried charcuterie, country pâté, caillettes, griottons, pâté de tête…

Amélie Farm | Marcelas path | 07290 Préaux | 07 69 09 38 07