Treasure hunts near Lyon: riddles and discoveries

For an afternoon, try treasure hunts near Lyon. Let yourself be guided through the streets of Annonay, Serrieres or Satillieu to find out while having fun.

Before going on an adventure, make sure you have a smartphone (with battery), Baludik app and an hour ahead of you!

We treasure hunts near Lyon: “The Inventor's Lost Plan” in Annonay, “In the footsteps of a sailor” in Serrières and “The labyrinth of forgotten trades” in Satillieu, are available on the free Baludik application.

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The lost plan of the inventor in Annonay

Théodore, an inventor, obviously a little temperamental, welcomes you. Taken by an excess of anger, he tore up the plan of his future invention : the blower of secrets. And now, seized with remorse, he wishes to find his scheme. Only one problem: the pieces were scattered all over the town of Annonay.

Your mission ?

Help him at find the pieces of the plan by answering riddles and discovering the story behind the city of inventors. During this hour of play, you will explore the historic center of Annonay and its unmissable monuments!

treasure hunts near lyon annonayLucia Ortega
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The labyrinth of forgotten trades in Satillieu

Ready to go on an adventure? Lord Pagan of the Château de Satillieu has been lost in time.

Your mission ?

Follow him through the alleys of Satillieu and discover with him the job that could help him go back in time. The alleys of Satillieu often bear the name of a profession. Old and sometimes forgotten professions. The labyrinth of forgotten trades is the opportunity for a fun walk for the curious from 7 to 97 years old. The clues will take you up and down, find the way to the castle Ardèche from Satillieu. Children can easily follow the audio guide to discover the story while having fun!

Baludik route walk visit with children in Ardèche

In the footsteps of a sailor in Serrières

Be ready to board in the footsteps of a XNUMXth century sailor. This one wakes up in our time and seeks to find his home in a village that he hardly recognizes anymore.

Your mission ?

Through the 9 stages and puzzles, help Lucien the sailor find his home in the
village. In particular, you will discover the new section of the Via Fluvia, recently inaugurated.

treasure hunts near lyon serrières

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