Set the sails

Take the direction of the Rhône at Serrières for recharge your batteries for a day near the banks of the river. This former fishing village, located in Ardèche, experienced a flourishing period in the XNUMXth century thanks to river trade.

Serrieres villageTourist Office Ardèche Grand Air

Wander the alleys of Serrières

To visit Serrières, a visit booklet is available (you can also find it at the Tourist Office). In 15 stages, you walk through the center of Serrières and explore its history.

A digital treasure hunt is also available to discover the village!

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We are going to play...

This nautical sport, especially practiced in Europe, is appreciated by locals and visitors alike who enjoy seeing the opponents of the two teams (blue and red) compete.

The principle is simple: two jousters with spears are on the back of the boat. The rowers advance the boats until the jousters can begin the pass. The first to fall in the water loses!

In summer, every Wednesday afternoon, you can attend the jousting training from the bleachers of the jousting pool.

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joustingRenaud Vezin

Serrières Mariners MuseumRenaud Vezin


To find a bit of freshness, push open the door of the Musée des Mariniers. Located in an old church, it is dedicated at the Rhone shipping lane : these boats drawn by horses on the banks of the river. At the heart of the nave, you can admire a structure in the shape of an upturned boat, but also model boats, sailors' crosses and even everyday objects.

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Play the strange game in Serrières

Visit the strange cabinet of curiosities in escape game mode. Solve the mysteries surrounding the strange objects on display! A moment with friends or family to push the limits of imagination and reflection in a fun way!

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escape game of the strange SerrièresRenaud Vezin

Via Fluvia or Via Rhôna?

A section of the Via Fluvia was made from Serrières. The entire route to reach Vernosc-lès-Annonay has not been completed but 2km of cycle paths have already been developed. You can then continue the walk along the banks of the Rhône towards Champagne.

La Via Rhona as for her, it can be picked up just opposite Serrières in Sablons. Then you have the choice: go down to Sète or go up to Geneva!

If you want to take Via Fluvia or Via Rhôna, Station Bee's bike rental company on Serrières offers day or half-day rentals

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Via fluvia in SerrièresTourist Office Ardèche Grand Air
hide beaver canoe serièresTourist Office Ardèche Grand Air

Hush, a beaver!

All summer, Platiere Island offers beaver lookout night canoe outings. Embark for an introduction to observation and silence surrounded by nature on the Rhône river. One moment peaceful and timeless !

Let's talk serious, let's talk gourmet in Serrières

wine lovers will be able to taste Saint-Joseph and Condrieu at the Domaine Boissonnet.

Friday morning, enjoy the market on the north quay. There's what it takes to fill the fridge and, why not, prepare a picnic on the banks of the Rhône!

For lunch, here is our selection to delight you: brasserie, traditional restaurant or snack bar, you will necessarily find the one that suits you.