Calm walks in the Ardèche for September

The end of the holidays has arrived and with it the return to school. The pace has intensified and we no longer know where to turn. To rediscover the serenity of summer, we have selected a few hikes and walks in the Ardèche to take advantage of the beautiful days that September has in store for us.

walks in ardèche rock of the windsRenaud Vezin

Natural nuggets

If we had to give a theme to the month of September, it would certainly be contemplation. Faced with the hustle and bustle of the new school year, the good idea to calm the mind is to put on your hiking boots and go for a walk.

To marvel at the treasures of nature, we have selected two hikes for you. The first, that of La Roche Pereandre, in Vernosc-lès-Annonay. This two-hour hike (6 km) is a good idea to get back on your feet. You can see the Roche Péréandre, an impressive monolithic rock, in the middle of La Cance.

The second is the hike of the rock of the winds. Near the village of Monestier, you leave for a three and a half hour (12km) walk in the heart of the forest of the suc des vents. You can admire the rock of the winds, a rock that dominates the Cance valley, the Monts du Pilat to the north and the Alps to the east.

At the water's edge

The sun still offers beautiful days in September. If the temperatures are however less scorching than in August, the desire to approach the rivers is still there. That's good, we thought of a few walks by the water for your desires to escape!

The first one, from Ardoix to Sarras is a hike for regulars. Lasting five hours, it is 16km long with a steep drop. High above the Ay valley, you will also have breathtaking views from the vineyards of Saint-Joseph.

The second, the Lake Ternay hike, allows you to overlook this lake and its dam. This walk lasts two hours (7km) and offers beautiful views of this stretch of water.

The last, the essential Via Fluvia from Annonay. Two possible choices: go towards the Lac de Vert in Vernosc-lès-Annonay, or towards Bourg-Argental. Accessible to both bicycles and pedestrians, these routes are suitable for families.

walks in ardècheRenaud Vezin
walks in ardècheRenaud Vezin

A little height

The advantage of walks in September is that the light is less overwhelming than in the middle of summer. We can thus enjoy exceptional lights on natural landscapes. So don't hesitate to take a little height to take your best photos and tag the count @ardechegrandair sure !

The first hike that we recommend is that of Rochevine. This walk of about two hours (7.8km) takes you up through the vineyards of Saint-Désirat and offers magnificent views of the Rhône valley.

The second is that of the Torrenson valley. Lasting two hours (5.5 km), you leave the picturesque village of Thorrenc, nestled in the hollow of nature. You can admire this charming village by taking a little height.

Finally, the last hike is the one of the winegrower from Villevocance. From one side to the other, you set off to discover the refreshing Cance valley from the heights.

Walks in the Ardèche in fun mode

To decompress from the start of the school year, are you looking for walks to entertain the whole family? We have what it takes for you!

Three sets of digital tracks are to be tested. One in Annonay, to discover the city, another in Serrières for a walk along the banks of the Rhône and finally one in Satillieu to discover forgotten trades.

Download the Baludik application and let's go for the adventure!